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Every person is born an artist. Creative intuition and incredible instincts to problem solve and efficiently navigate the world are a child’s survival. At artNEST® Studios, we embrace these instincts and give children limitless possibilities to express themselves.

Our goal is for children to never deny their creative mind, to explore it even further and continue to give the world the best version of themselves.

artNEST® Studios is a nurturing, non-competitive, non-judgmental environment where class size is limited so each student receives individual attention. Our age appropriate classes for “grown-up and me” and independent kids ages one to preteen focus on the basics of visual arts and challenge inventiveness, problem solving and imagination with a great balance of Process Art and Teacher Led Instruction. We offer a varied arts program including painting, drawing, collaging, clay, sketch clubs, comics, interior design, fashion and more.




Create a positive impact on kids and youth while fulfilling your mission, passion and vision for life.